Every time I book a trip I add ‘make packing list’ to my things to do list, and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

So instead, I thought I would create an ‘all purpose’ packing list that I can print, score out unnecessary items, and tick off as I pack, for every new adventure.

I wanted to create a list than can be used be everyone, not just me. A lot of the things listed, I wouldn’t normally pack, eg. Hairspray etc. I like to live simply on holiday. I minimize everything, but that’s just me!

Please comment below if I have left any obvious, or not so obvious items out of the list below. Bear in mind, I am a girl, so if I have left out any men’s or unisex items, please let me know, and I can update the list.

I have attached an image and a document, so edit and print your preference.

All-purpose packing list

Screenshot 2015-12-03 08.53.14


Screenshot 2015-12-03 08.53.19

Another travel aid I forgot to list is rescue remedy ‘night release’ or kalms! Herbal sleep aids are worth their weight in gold on long bus/train journeys! 

If you need advice on what backpack to use, what to pack, what apps to download, what to do before your trip, etc. I would suggest you read my ‘packing bible’ blog.




I hope this list proves useful.

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Enjoy your adventure, and return safely 🙂

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