I moved to Dublin nearly two years ago, and I am thoroughly enjoying the veggie/vegan food scene in here! I have been spoilt for choice. Here are some of my veggie finds. I will keep adding to this list as I find more great veggie/vegan food spots. If I have missed any good ones, please comment below.

So, if you’re in Dublin for a visit or currently living here, I hope you find this useful.

1. Sova Food Vegan Butcher

51 Pleasants St, Dublin 8

46 Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin 6

Just off Camden Street, within walking distance from Grafton Street and St. Stephens Green. They do lunch and dinner, and I believe they have another branch further south, (46 Rathmines Road Lower).

It’s probably one of the most interesting vegan menus I’ve seen yet… pulled porc, doner kebab, seaweed chowder, meatballs, chia burgers and even steak! The pancakes are good too!  (Dog Friendly)


2.Meet me in the morning

50 Pleasants Street, Dublin 8

Right next door to Sova Food Vegan Butcher on Pleasants Street. I had the sweet potato with roasted chickpeas! (Vegetarian menu)


19/20 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2


Cornucopia (Latin: Cornu Copia) is a symbol of food and abundance; a mythical horn of plenty

This is restaurant opened in 1986 and is open seven days a week. You will find home-cooked vegetarian and vegan friendly breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, juices, breads, cakes and desserts. There’s vegan sushi on Fridays, or so I’ve been told!


They cater for coeliac, sugar-free, vegan and raw/living menu options and an organic wine list. They have a cookbook, which I have added to my amazon wish list.



4 Aungier Street, Dublin 2

83 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1


Buffet style food where the menu changes every day. The staff were exceptionally friendly. I bought the smaller plate and was offered a taste of everything. My plate was piled so high, I couldn’t finish it all. Although I made a good attempt! The food was delicious!

5. Happy food

27 Camden Pl, Dublin 2


I found this place only because I was looking for a yoga studio near my work. What a great find…yoga and vegan food! Two of my favourite things under one roof! I had the pad thai and a bounty bar.

6. Blazing Salads

42 Drury Street, Dublin 2


Do not let the name of this place put you off. It’s not just salads! The food here is delicious. You can get salads of course, but I always go for the hot food and the caramel squares for dessert.

They also have two cookbooks and recipes on their website!

7. The Happy Pear

Church Road, Greystones, Co. Wicklow

22 Tower Road, Clondalkin, Dublin, D22 DV56


This one is kind of cheating, as it is not in Dublin, but you can jump on the dart to Greystones (County Wicklow) for the day, and get some nice food while you’re there. It’s right beside the beach and the Wicklow mountains, so enjoy some healthy food along with some time in nature. You’ll also find the Happy Pear branded food in Dublin supermarkets. They have recently opened up a café in Clondalkin.

The Happy Pear have a pair of cookbooks, if you can’t make it out to Greystones. I’m hoping they’ll open a Dublin branch soon.


7. Neon Asian Street food

17 Camden Street, Dublin 2


Asian food is great because it is usually dairy free, but be careful of fish pastes used in the curries, always best to ask. They have a vegan/vegetarian menu. Needless to say I’m here quite a lot!

8. Saba

The Westbury Mall, 26-28 Clarendon Street, Dublin 2

22 Upper Baggot Street, Dublin 4


Thai and Vietnamese food. They also have ‘Saba to Go’ in Dublin 6 & Dublin 14, and they’re own cookbook.


They also do cookery classes! I’d love to learn the art of Thai cooking!

Cookery Classes

9. Dublin Pizza Company

32 Aungier Street, Dublin

VEGAN PIZZA! So exciting!

10. Sprout & Co Kitchen

63 Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Seasonal cold pressed juices and food. I’ve tried the falafel wrap, and it’s yum!

11. Wagamama

South King Street, Dublin 2

Japanese chain restaurant. Yasai Pad Thai which is vegan without the egg, and Yasai Yaki Soba, made vegan by swapping the egg noodles for rice noodles.

12. Boojum

10 Kevin Street Lower, Dublin 8

Millennium Walkway, Dublin 1
3 Abbey Street Lower, Dublin 1

Chain Mexican restaurant where you can choose your fillings. I’ll be honest, I don’t quite understand the Boojum obsession…but maybe it’s your thing!

13. Tolteca

40 Camden Street, Dublin 2

Mexican food! Vegan burrito/fajita fillings available!

14. The Green bench 

18 Montague St, Dublin 2


Don’t be put off by the long queue! It’s a sign that the food is good, and it moves really quickly! They don’t have a vegan option on the board, but if you ask for a vegan sandwich or wrap, they are happy to fix you one up! It’s usually the veggie option but they swap the cheese for avocado or humous for no extra cost. They are delicious! The soups are all vegan and the salad dressings don’t contain honey anymore. I recently discovered the banana bread and some muffins are vegan too. Be sure to ask, if you’re sweet tooth is calling.


15. Freshii

They have one in the CHQ building in Dublin, but I’m thrilled they have opened in some Applegreen petrol stops for our Ireland road trips, and when I’m en route home to Northern Ireland! I had the khao San wrap! It’s great having the option of healthy food instead of Burger King chips! They now have a vegan chilli 🙂

16. Cocu Kitchen

16, Chatham Street, Dublin 2

Vault 4, The Station Building, Hatch Street Upper, Dublin 2

9 Baggot Street Upper, Dublin 4

Falafel, tofu and veggie options in a Buddha bowl!


17. The Bernard Shaw – The Big Blue Bus

11-12 Richmond St South, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2

Vegan pizza 🙂

18. Veginity

Richmond Place South, Richmond Street South, Portabello, Dublin 6

Richmond St S, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin

A restaurant and food stall at Eat Yard! The restaurant is essentially a warehouse down an alley way but the is good and the menu changes weekly!

Winning loads of awards for their vegan street food! Vegan fish and chips 🙂


19. Fumbally cafe

Fumbally lane, Dublin 8

They have veggie, vegan and meat options! I tried the vegetarian stew off the specials board and the falafel wrap. They have a daily vegan special and there’s a really nice atmosphere in here! (Dog Friendly)

20. McGuinness Take Away

Camden Street, Dublin 8

A VEGAN CHIPPER! By the far one of the most exciting of finds!

21. Umi Falafel Restaurant

13 Dame Street, Dublin 2

Lots of falafel options!

22. Zizzi

24 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2

Italian style restaurant with whole vegan/vegetarian menu if you ask! Vegan wine included 🙂

23. Chopped

148 Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2

This fast food health chain was set up by a Dublin man. You’ll find them dotted around everywhere.

24. The Rolling Donut

55 King Street, Dublin 2

Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1

Vegan donuts 🙂

25. Token

72-74 Queen Street, Smithfield, Dublin 7

Vegan burgers, vegan tacos, vegan chilli fries, vegan tenders, vegan hot dogs, vegan calamari … AND arcade games! An accidental and very exciting find!

26. Tea Room

Phoenix Park, Dublin 8

Really cute building within Phoenix park (beside the zoo entrance) with vegan buns!

27. Moloughney’s

9 Vernon Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin 3

This is our go to place at the weekends for breakfast. I normally get the vegetarian breakfast and swap the egg for avocado to make it vegan. The mushroom on toast is another big favourite. They have soy milk for coffee’s, but I go for the freshly squeezed orange juice or kombucha. They have a vegan option on their dinner menu too.

Woodtsock and Olive’s Room are brother companies! I have yet to try them, but I see they have vegan options. Olive’s Room lives in the old stable building within St. Anne’s Park, in Clontarf.

28. Happy Out

Dollymount beach, Bull Island, Clontarf, Dublin


New café which serves coffees toasties and tray bakes. They do soy milk and I spotted some vegan brownies.

29. Camille Takeaway

14 locations in Dublin

Thai take-away with 3 vegan options on their menu. I wasn’t blown away by the pad thai, but I have yet to try the rest.

30. Green Nineteen

19 Camden Street Lower, Dublin 2

They have a lentil mushroom vegan burger option.

31. Two Pups

74 Francis Street, Dublin

My friend bought me the chocolate covered, filled medjool dates. Incredible! I think it’s a vegetarian restaurant, so I’m sure they have a vegan option, or they can make their vegetarian dishes vegan.

32. Pupp

37 Clanbrassil St Lower, Dublin 8

We had a vegan, three course Christmas dinner here two years ago and it was great. I just had a look at their menu and they have vegan options. (Dog Friendly)

Places on my list …

Check out happycow.net for more vegetarian/vegan options…


  • Aperitivo

6 Parliament street, Dublin 2

Everything at Aperitivo is homemade, we specialise in Italian Pizza, with a huge selection of Vegan and Veggie options, we also do Homemade Cakes, Vegan Cakes, Sandwiches, Craft Beers, Wine, Coffee and Salads.

  • Brother Hubbard

153 Capel St, Dublin 1

46 Harrington St, Dublin 8

I’ve been here before, but I didn’t realise they had a vegan menu! They have lots of vegan options on every menu! Now I need to go back and work my way through the vegan options 🙂

  • Shouk

40 Drumcondra Rd Lower, Drumcondra

Falafels and other vegan options.

  • On the Pig’s Back Eatery

64 Capel Street, Dublin 1

With a name like that I would never have expected a veggie or vegan burger option, but it has both!

  • Moreish Superfoods
Moore Street Mall, 58 Parnell Street, Dublin 1
They specialize in gluten and dairy free, vegetarian and Paleo diet.
They have vegan specials available and the desserts are made in-house, vegan & gluten free.
  • The Bombay Pantry

7 locations in Dublin

Indian Takeaway with it’s own vegan menu
  • POG

32 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1

POG is Gaelic for ‘kiss’. It’s not a vegan restaurant, but there’s plenty of plant food options including a ‘vegan nice-cream breakfast.’

  • KC Peaches

27-29 Nassau Street, Dublin 2

35-37 St. Stephens Green, Dublin 2

54 Dame Street, Dublin 2

Unit 10a Pearse Street, Dublin 2

Loaded vegan sweet potatoes and plenty of salad options!

  • Dollard and Co

2-5 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2 (on the Liffey river)

New food hall and grill that has vegan flatbreads.

  • Graze canteen, The Elbowroom

32 North Brunswick Street, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7

… also has a yoga studio 🙂

  • Yogism

Georges Street Market Arcade & Dawson Street

Vegan pancakes, porridge, yoghurts, smoothies etc.

If you’re travelling and looking for veggie/vegan restaurants I would recommend using happycow.net.



Food stores

  • Nourish

6 Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1

GPO Arcade, Henry Street, Dublin 1

16 Wicklow St, Dublin 2

Nourish has all the vegan food, beauty products and supplements you might have forgotton to pack.

  • Supervalu

I am lucky to live across the road from Supervalu and I have noticed a steady incline of vegan products…such as Linda McCartney, Harvest Moon, Cauldron, Quorn, Strong Roots, Violife, Alpro, NoBo, Swedish Glace, So Jade, Naked, and Simply Meat Free!

Beauty Stores

Inglot is a make up store in Dublin if you forgot your mascara on your trip. They don’t test on animals. Body Shop and Lush don’t either. There is honey is some of their products though, so be sure to check labels. Skinfull Affairs is a new spot for vegan beauty products and treatments.

Don’t miss Dublin VegFest, that happens once a year, usually around September!



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Enjoy your Dublin adventure, and return safely!

The wandering boomerang



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