I visited Prague in late November 2014 with my mum. Here’s a quick list of what we did there…


Prague castle, Hrad

This UNESCO World Heritage site, consists of palaces and a collection of interesting buildings of various architectural styles. The location provides wonderful views of the city below.

Open 7.00 to 20.00 in the summer season.

Open 7.00 to 18.00 in the winter season.

1549462_10154924537350118_5765803443241256506_n  10687022_10154924535240118_7386565764471250305_n

The Medieval Tavern

– Near St. Nicolas cathedral and the castle, you would walk straight past it.

– Rowdy lads made an authentic atmosphere.

– The bar man kept hitting me with his whip…I have no idea why!?!

– Make sure you go downstairs and see the authentic tavern.

10345817_10154924544070118_7077163236528731408_n  10525974_10154924530380118_107742447637467395_n  10440122_10154924529855118_8592003776356689437_n

10734026_10154924545060118_5464106815024810428_n  10436226_10154924543140118_768446966784407038_n

1513792_10154924529605118_442969354788794937_n  13227_10154924546070118_6966464689442879925_n

St. Nicolas Cathedral, Mala Strana



Charles Bridge

– Make a wish!

– Go really early/late to avoid crowds for a good picture, or you can buy a postcard/print of the bridge without the tourists!


1621947_10154924529945118_4374488503584291336_n  10001289_10154924529755118_2156531623791976731_n

John Lennon wall

– This brightly coloured wall isn’t as easy to find as you might think. Ask for directions and follow the crowds.

10509551_10154924547070118_6181710823179263774_n 10305436_10154924546610118_7716387241400190562_n

Astronomical clock and view tower

Go to the top for beautiful views of the city.

– Wait for the hourly chime of the clock and watch the show.

10801689_10154924532010118_1736815110959790737_n  1656136_10154924549570118_7256832528391921366_n  1655878_10154924529690118_3522235474256733079_n ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK, PRAGUE

Old town square

  10169231_10154924532645118_2837806074078125204_n 10414835_10154924532745118_7201533410433497326_n

The Jewish Quarter

– The memorial for Jewish lives lost is moving. The names are written on the walls in alphabetical order. The children’s drawings will bring you to tears.

– The synagogues we didn’t enjoy as much. We didn’t understand the significance of the items on display. A lot of spoons in glass display case.

– My sister informed me that the Jewish Quarter in Prague was specifically kept by Adolf Hitler to create a museum for the distinct race to be.

– You can walk around the cemetery, which is poignantly full.

10352267_10154924548040118_3465585972410161676_n 10603649_10154924547390118_5494149761200245119_n

Sex museum


The dancing House


St. Wenseles Square


Petrin hill and lookout tower


The State Opera House


The Vltava River

The Vltava is the longest river within the Czech Republic.

10172761_10154924559300118_4085865674516888030_n 10731084_10154924559325118_5878054460564623891_n


  • Mulled wine on every corner. I found it was the best way to warm up!


  • Outdoor heated seating areas are everywhere and they provide furs and blankets. Very cosy!


  • We didn’t think much of the food, but the beer is really great.
  • The food/restaurants are dearer near the astronomical clock.
  • The Christmas markets start at the end of November and December until Christmas.


  • The airport food leaves a lot to be desired. Eat before you go.
  • The locals are grumpy looking people but they are pleasant. Just don’t expect your smiles to be returned.
  • The currency in Prague is the Czech Crown (CZK). Some restaurants, hotels and shops take Euros as well, but most accept only Czech Crowns. You will get ripped off when you use euros. £1.00 = approx. 38 Czech koruna.
  • You will need this adaptor

  • Layer up! We were there in November and it was pretty cold.
  • The tram system is good. We used the trams every day. You can buy tickets in newsagents.




The building itself looks (and smells) horrible, and if I’m honest we were worried when we first arrived. But we were pleasantly surprised to find a stunning top floor apartment with two floors, two living areas, two terraces and two bathrooms. I liked the quirky split levels and the large open plan space. The walk in cupboard would make any woman jealous! I personally loved the huge tree in the bedroom. The Jacuzzi bath fits about 3 people, and it was wonderful after a day out in the cold. Our only criticism was the creepy china doll in the living room that we hid in a drawer.

The apartment isn’t city centre but it’s only a five minute walk to the tram stop, which takes you into city centre. I can honestly say I would recommend it. I use Air BnB with every trip now!



Always fond of travel quotes. (John Lennon wall)


Strange interior decorators. (Medieval tavern)


Prague is full of beautiful big willow trees.

10488262_10154924557200118_7471061624663320298_n 10407443_10154924549310118_5707365771550157780_n

Walking beneath the beautiful arches. (Old town square)


Everyone was touching this man’s willy for good luck, so we had to do it too! (Castle district)


That fake door! Not the best cover up!


I will never understand why they would let someone build a boring building in front of a beautiful cathedral (Old town square).


Enjoying the beer and the authentic atmosphere of the medieval tavern by candlelight.


Photo-bombed by a bubble (Old town square).

I loved the huge tree in our bedroom.


Pinterest is one of my favourite methods of learning about a place. Take a look at my ‘Prague’ board for some images and blogs about Prague that I have accumulated. Follow ‘thewanderingboomerang’ board and keep updated with my upcoming travel blogs and other travel blogs I like.

I also really enjoy reading the Lonely Planet guide books before my trips to avoid missing anything really special. Follow the link below for the Prague and the Czech Republic Lonely Planet Guide book.






I hope this has been useful and helps you make the most of your trip to Prague.

If I have left out any great spots, please comment and let me know!

Enjoy the adventure and return safely,

The wandering boomerang 🙂

www.thewanderingboomerang.com travel blog




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