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We booked a flight to Bratislava as a short pit stop on our way to Vienna in February 2018.

The first thing we learned in Bratislava was that you’ll pay 2-3 times more if you jump in taxi at airport. Use Uber, book ahead, or book with your AirBnB host/hotel. You can also use the airport bus service. We paid 26 euro for a taxi which should have been 8 euro.

We stayed in an air BnB which was in the centre of the city. I didn’t love the AirBnB, so I won’t recommend it.

First stop was RE:FRESH! I’m vegan and Ciaran isn’t so this was the perfect place for us, (and the wine was 90 cents a glass). I loved the architectural drawings of the fit out on the walls. You also get free soup with your meal. I had the Brussels sprout soup. I know it sounds horrible, but it was great!

vegan in bratislava -

vegan in bratislava -
vegan in bratislava –


I would recommend Bratislava only as a quick pit stop on your way to Vienna.

After all my reading and research, I wrote one A5 notebook page on things to do in Bratislava, and (strangely) two A5 notebooks pages on vegan food spots in Bratislava. Who knew Bratislava had such a good vegan food selection!

vegan in bratislava -


vegan in bratislava -


vegan in bratislava -


vegan in bratislava -

vegan in bratislava -

vegan in bratislava -

bratislava -

The castle was closed when we got there. We wandered back down into the centre and stopped in URBAN HOUSE for a quick drink. We ran out of things to do and ended up getting a massage at SABIO (30mins for 20 euro). We had dinner at SASAZU, which was strangely or most expensive meal of the trip (including Vienna).

vegan in bratislava -

On the Saturday morning we went to MONDIEU CAFE. This appears to  be a chain restaurant, as I saw two cafes in town. They have a couple of vegan options and I had fresh orange juice and hummus on toast.

vegan in bratislava -

vegan in bratislava -

There wasn’t much buzz about the place. It felt like a ghost town especially on a Friday night/Saturday morning. So, we finished our breakfast and hopped on a bus to Vienna.

The buses to Vienna are cheaper than the trains. The bus stop is in the centre town and train station you will need an Uber to get to. The bus to Vienna 5 euro one way.

The Bus stop (Most SNP) is just past the church at the end of the main street through the town. Walk towards the direction of the castle. Google says its on the river, but it’s under the flyover. Don’t worry, you’ll see buses and you’ll know where to go.

vegan in bratislava - www.thewanderingboomerang.comvegan in bratislava -

Please note: There are no vegan options in Bratislava Airport. Bring food with you.

What we missed

  • Town Hall + Tower (oldest stone building, 6 euro entry)
  • UFO observatory restaurant/viewing tower (6.50 euro lift, which you get back if you eat in the restaurant)
  • The Blue Church – Church of St. Elisabeth
  • Slovak National Gallery
  • Devin Castle (take bus 28, 20 min journey, 4 euro entry)
  • Slavin War Memorial
  • Cintorin Koriza Brana Cemetery
  • Primates Palace
  • Bratislava Forest park and Chair Lift ( Zelezna Studnicka)
  • The New National Theatre
  • City History Museum (rooftop views and a torture exhibition in the basement)
  • Museum of Pharmacy
  • Czechoslovak Fortification museum
  • Flagship Restaurant – former cinema
  • Free guided walking tour (11am+3pm, orange sign at the statue outside the US embassy, or 2pm at tourist info centre)

Vegan food spots we missed

  • Luculus (Omni) – vegan ice cream
  • Brown Joy – vegan sushi 4 euro, small take out at bus station
  • Vegan Bar – one option per day, 5 euro, take away
  • Balan’s Bistro (vegan)
  • Made with Laf (vegetarian)
  • Enjoy Coffee – vegan options
  • Vegan Kiosk – street food, hot dogs/burgers/wraps/pie/cake
  • Biobar Vitarian – (omni)
  • City Vegetarian (vegetarian)
  • Fach – juices + vegan options
  • Frangipani Vitality Bar – juices + vegan cakes
  • Grin Grin Salad Bar (vegetarian)
  • Scondorf Bio Café – vegan options waffles/desserts
  • Soupa Bistro (Omni) soup restaurant
  • Urban Bistro (Omni) – tofu sambo/quinoa salad/avocado toast
  • Veg Life (vegetarian) vegan options
  • Kuon (omni) – Ice cream
  • Soho House (omni)
  • Green Buddha (omni) – thai vegan options
  • Govinda (vegetarian)
  • Arthur Ice Cream (omni)
  • U Kubistu (omni) – vegan options
  • Le Kaffe (Omni) – vegan ice cream
  • Thali (vegan) – Indian café + stall
  • Azza (raw vegan) bistro + shop
  • All Inclusive Pub (vegan)
  • Huy Vege (vegetarian)
  • BioPark (vegetarian) grocery shop + deli
  • Bemba (Raw Vegan) – not central, 10min train ride, 5-7 euro
  • Foodstock (vegetarian) vegan options

Local food/drinks

  • Kofola = Slovakian coca cola
  • Spisiacha = Slovak spirit
  • Bryndzove halusky = local dish of potato dumplings, goats cheese and bacon
  • Cibulacka – onion soup
  • Cesnacha – garlic soup

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Vienna Travel Blog -

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If you have any more tips or good vegan places we missed in Bratislava, I’d love to hear! Please comment below.

Enjoy your trip, and return safely,

the wandering boomerang 🙂

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